Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

1.1 "Agreement" refers to Terms and Conditions.

1.2 "Company" stands for an organization (Writorial.com) that initiates cooperation with a Writer according to the terms that are defined in the Agreement.

1.3 "Writer" is an employee who agrees to work for the Company as a freelancer according to the terms of the Company proposed in the Agreement.

1.4 "Customer" – a person who orders a Product from the Company and pays for that Product to be delivered according to his/her requirements.

1.5 "Product" – the final result of an order that is delivered in an electronic format.

1.6 "Support Department" or "Support Team" refers to a department within the Company's infrastructure, the mission of which is to provide assistance in ensuring fruitful cooperation between the Writer and the Company.

1.7 "Usability" signifies the condition of a Product when it is agreed with the requirements and terms outlined in the agreement.

1.8 "Termination of account" means deactivation of account, which results in discontinuance of services delivered from and to the Writer and ending of cooperation.

1.9 "Account" stands for an electronic record of the Orders the Writer has completed, as well as communication, payments, contact details and other personal information provided by the Writer, including his/her name, e-mail, payment details, etc.

1.10 "Salary details" is the amount of the Writer's reimbursement that is to be paid for the services offered.

1.11 "Message" is an element of the Messaging system, i.e. written information from the sender to a recipient.

1.12 "E-mail" refers to a communication method that allows creating, conveying, and storing textual record of human communication using a digital communication system.

1.13 "Messaging system" denotes an online communication tool available on the website after logging in the Account in the “Messages” section. The tool enables communication between the Customer, Support, and Writer.

1.14 "Reachable" refers to the state of the Writer when he/she is available for the Customer and the Company by means of either cellular or landline phones or the Internet (via E-mail or Messaging system) during the time when the Writer is working the Order.

1.15 "Responsive" is the Writer's capability of providing the Customer and the Company with information about the Order per the Customer's or the Company's request.

1.16 "Order" denotes the Customer's electronic request of a paid service (i.e. Product or service).

1.17 “Financial Department” refers to a department within the Company's infrastructure, the responsibility of which is to manage financial operations, including billing and payments.

1.18 “Payment Method” is the service or system the Company uses for transferring earnings or remuneration to Writers.

1.19 “Beneficiary Info” is the information provided by a sender in his/her account in order to be able to receive the Earnings by means of his/her preferred Payment Method.

1.20 “Payout Dates” are the dates when the Company transfers Earnings to Writers via one of the Payment Methods selected by Writers.

2. Terms of Agreement

The execution of this Agreement begins the cooperation and will continue in complete effect and force until the account is closed or terminated.

3. The Subject of the Agreement

This agreement enters into force on (day when the account was registered) by (the Writer's full name) and is concluded by the Writer and the Company (a company providing paid research and writing services online). By this Agreement, the Writer is entitled to deliver his/her writing services at the Customer's request.

4. Requirements to Product and Service

The Products must comply with the standards of academic writing and Company's policies, and follow the guidelines of customers.

4.1 Standards of academic writing.

4.1.1 Description. The Product must meet the common standards of academic writing. In particular, they include:

a) Proper organization and layout (such as standard formatting, in-text citations, word count).

b) Correct grammar (the Product must follow grammatical rules, including correct spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure).

c) Lexical component (appropriate word choice, effective words arrangement and flow of language).

d) Diction management (specific requirements to an order (e.g., visual elements, such as graphs, tables, etc.), logical arrangement and presentation of the ideas, relevance of the material and coherence of the text).

e) Plagiarism – all papers must contain no plagiarism.

4.2 Assessment.

Product is assessed manually by Editors and Quality Control agents after submission or in case of the Customer's complaint. Assessment is performed after the paper is checked by an Editor.

4.3 Penalties and Sanctions

In case any rules laid in Section 4 of the Agreement are violated, a monetary penalty will be applied. Other sanctions include temporary blocking or termination of the Writer's account because of the reasons outlined below:

4.3.1 Product can be used but belongs to the “Low Quality” classification – the Writer receives a fine that equals to 50% of his/her earnings as the result of the low-quality Order.

4.3.2 Product is not useable and categorized as “Unacceptable Quality” – the Writer receives the fine in the amount of up to 100% of the Writer's salary for this Order. The Writer will not receive the remuneration for that Order.

4.3.3 Product is plagiarized – the fine is classified as “Plagiarism” and reaches up to 100% of the Writer's salary for the order that contains plagiarism. The writer might not receive the remuneration for that Order.

4.3.4 Any occurrence of “Plagiarism” cases might lead to closing the Writer's account and termination of the Company's cooperation with that Writer as dictated by this Agreement and the Company's policy. For more details, please consult the section “Account Termination.”

4.3.5 The fine for instances classified as “Neglect” is applied if the Writer has been unreachable and unresponsive while processing the Orders. The fine in the amount of up to 100% of the Writer's salary for that order is applied. In addition, in case the Order is classified as “Neglect”, the Writer does not receive the remuneration for it.

4.4 Dispute.

The Writer can start a dispute over a penalty within 3 (three) business days after receiving it. The Writer must provide acceptable reasoning using the Messaging system on the website of the Company. The representatives of the Support and/or Quality Control department will investigate the case. The investigation can last up to 7 (seven) business days from the moment the dispute was initiated.

4.5 Meeting the Customer's requirements

4.5.1 The Product must correspond to the Customer's requirements and guidelines, including:

4.5.2 The topic of the Order and Order description, type of paper, number of pages, formatting style, number of sources, and academic level.

4.5.3 Deadline. Completed papers must be uploaded within the time frame indicated by the Customer.

4.5.4 Customers can provide additional files to guide the writing process. The files are instrumental in satisfying the Customer's requirements, so the Writers are responsible for reading them and taking them into consideration.

4.5.5 Sometimes customers provide important information or additional instructions via Messaging system. The Writer is responsible for reading all messages from the Customer and Customer Support prior to working on the paper and in the process of writing it.

4.6 Meeting requirements of the Company

4.6.1 The Writer has to follow the Company's requirements, which are listed below:

4.6.2 Submitting completed Orders by the deadline.

4.6.3 Replying to messages and e-mails duly; availability for communication via phone.

4.6.4 Non-disclosure of the personal data of the Writer, which includes: contact and billing details, nicknames and computer usernames, the information about the Writer's Account, the details of the working process in the Company under any real or fictitious identities.

4.6.5 The Writer should provide all services under one name exclusively. The Writer should include correct and actual contact information. It is strictly prohibited to work under fake accounts or more than one account (user name).

4.6.6 The Product is to be submitted in the following format:

f) Standard A4 pages.

g) Margins on each side - 1 inch (2.54 cm).

h) Format - double spaced or single spaced text depending on the Customer's request.

i) Font - 12 pt. Times New Roman. The same font must be used throughout the whole paper, with the exception of cases described in point 9 below.

j) Word count – one double-spaced page is equal to minimum 300 words. One single-spaced page is equal to minimum 600 words.

k) Text is left-aligned, no justification.

l) Remove additional spacing or extra empty lines between paragraphs.

m) Pages must have Page Headers, which has to be formatted according to the requirements of the citation style chosen by the Customer (APA and MLA require Page Header to appear on every page at the top right-hand corner. In APA formatted papers, there is no page number on the title page. Page numbering should start from the second page and must correspond to the actual number of a page (3 for the third page, and so on). In papers formatted in accordance with APA citation guide, Page Header consists of the paper title and page number; in MLA, Page Header consists of the author's last name and page number; in Chicago/Turabian, Page Header is absent on the cover page and the rest of the pages contain the last name of the author and page number, with numbering starting from 1 on the second page.

n) Footnotes/Endnotes are used in Chicago/Turabian. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman, single spacing (applies to both single-spaced and double-spaced papers).

o) Graphics – it is recommended to use relevant visual elements, such as graphs, images, charts., etc. where applicable. Note that visual elements are not counted towards the paper length.

p) File name – the final paper should contain a proper file name, which consists of the Order ID and the topic of the paper, for example, ‘7782107_Biography.doc,' where 7782107 is the Order ID and ‘Biography' is the topic of the paper.

q) Properties – in your Word document, go to ‘File' and select ‘Summary'. Delete the information about the author of the file, company, or any other information except for the paper title.

r) Bibliography – create a Bibliography page in every paper. Bibliography and citations must be formatted according to the guidelines of the required style. This means that in APA Style, it is titled ‘References', in MLA it is ‘Works Cited', and in Chicago it is ‘Bibliography'. Remember that this page is not counted towards general word count, so it is not included into the salary for this order.

4.6.7 The Writer agrees to inform the Company about all long-lasting periods of inactivity and explain the reasons. Otherwise, the account status will be changed by the automated system first to inactive and then to fired. The change of the status does not impact the pending earnings, which are going to be paid out on the regular basis.

4.6.8 Draft. In case of working on a long order of a high value, the Writer must upload the paper draft upon the request of the Quality Control Department (QCD). Additionally, the Draft is to be uploaded if the customer pays for this service. The Writer must upload the Draft upon QCD request before uploading the completed Product but no later than 40% of the time left before the paper deadline. If the quality of the Draft is unsatisfactory or if it was not uploaded, the Writer receives a fine in the amount up to 20% of the Writer's total payment for this Order. The Company reserves the right to reassign the Order if the situation above occurs.

5. Payment terms and conditions

5.1 Payment basis. After the Product has been completed and delivered to the Customer, the Writer has the right to receive payment for every service that he/she has provided if this service is in accordance with the Customer's requirements and this Agreement. The payment for each order is calculated separately, depending on such factors as complexity of the Order and the deadline selected by the Customer. The payments are made on monthly basis. This means that for all orders that the Writer has completed in the period from the 1st till the 30th (31st) day of a month (provided that the final deadline expires by the 30th or 31st day) the Writer will be compensated in the next month within 7 business days after the salary is calculated (in most cases, this means on the 15th or 16th day of that month).

5.2 Payment Methods. The Writer is free to choose the most convenient Payment Method from those the Company uses. When choosing the Payment Method, the Writer should take into consideration his/her location and availability of that Method in his/her area. When making the choice, the Writer considers the following:

5.2.1 Wire Transfer. In order for the earnings to be processed with the help of Wire Transfer, the Writer must have a bank account for US dollars. This Payment Method processes a minimum of $50 USD. To receive the earnings, the Writer has to select form the minimum amount options, which include:

$50 ($20 fee deduction)

$100 ($20 fee deduction)

$300 ($20 fee deduction)

$1500 (no fee)

Usually, the transaction is processed within 7 business days. The Company guarantees that the Writer's salary will be sent within the set time frame. The performance of the Billing Department does not influence the precise day when the Writer receives the earnings. Several circumstances that are beyond the Company's control can impact the transaction, including holidays, weekends, time zone differences, and specific policies of the bank.

5.2.2 PayPal. If the Writer wants his/her earnings to be processed with PayPal, he/she must have a PayPal account. The minimal sum this system processes is $50. For the earnings to be processed via this system, the Writer has to submit the e-mail registered on their website.

5.2.3 WebMoney. If the Writer wants to receive earnings via this system, he/she has to provide the company with a personal WebMoney purse number.

5.3 In case the Writer's earnings are lower than the minimum payment amount, they will be added to the salary for the next payout period in order to make sure the Writer has the sum that can be processed.

5.4 Payment processing. For their earnings to be processed, the Writer has to indicate their payment details and verify them before the payout dates to guarantee on-time delivery. If the Writer fails to submit or verify the payment details or if the latter are incorrect, the Company reserves the right to postpone current payout until the Writer updates the necessary information. The Company does not bare expenses on behalf of the Writer, does not assist in creating an account for the thirdparty services, and does not cover the expenses for maintaining the account.

5.5 The Writer should specify the payment details in advance (3-4 day before the payment session starts). If the Writer fails to specify the details on time, the earnings will be processed during the following payment term.

5.6 The responsibility for submitting correct payment details rests with writers. Invalid payment details can result in bank fees that will be deducted from the Writer's earnings. The Company reserves the right to shift payment dates due to unexpected circumstances or technical problems. Should such a case occur, the Writer will be notified on the website in the news section.

6. Termination of Account

The Writer's account can be terminated in case of a failure to comply with the established policies and violations described in this Agreement.

6.1 Situations classified as “Plagiarism” can result in termination of the account. The Quality Control Department will then perform an extensive check of the account.

6.2 Termination of the Writer's account occurs if the Writer submits orders of “Unacceptable Quality”, or there are cases of “Noncompliance” or “Neglect” three or more times in a row. This also happens if the aforementioned instances reach 20% of total combined instances. The Writer receives reimbursement only for the orders of proper quality. The payment will be processed within 3 months after account termination.

6.3 Any instances that call for detailed checks for compliance with the requirements may entail pending earnings that might be put on hold for a period of up to 2 months.

6.4 Violation of the section 4 of this Agreement (in particular, having multiple or fake accounts) results in instant termination of the accounts. This action is irrevocable and presupposes no remuneration for the orders that were completed under those accounts.

6.5 The Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at its discretion without explanation by sending an email within 10 business days. The Writer will receive remuneration for all orders completed in compliance with the Agreement.

6.6 Disclosure of information about the Company activities and Writer's account or spreading negative information that might have a harmful impact on the Company's reputation will lead to instant termination of the account without reimbursements.

6.7 If the Writer violates these Terms and Conditions or refuses to fully comply with them or ignores reasonable recommendations of the Company, the Company has the right to terminate the Writer's account and end cooperation. Serious misconduct and violation of the provisions defined in this Agreement result in immediate termination of the Writer' account without further notice. In case of severe violation of the Terms and Condition outlined herein, the Writer's reimbursements are not processed.

6.8 The Writer can terminate the Agreement by providing a written notice 10 business days in advance. The Agreement will be terminated if all Orders assigned to the Writer's account are submitted. By providing a written notice and completing any additional orders the Writer ensures his/her ability to continue cooperation in future. The pending payments will be processed as defined by the conditions of this Agreement. If the obligation of termination is not agreed by the Writer, he/she does not receive the Due Balance.

6.9 The technical capabilities of the Company enable it to easily track the accounts that were sold.

The Writer will receive a penalty if he/she shares the account with another writer. The upcoming salary will be decreased by 50%. Typically, mass accounts cause various issues, such as lateness, refunds, and reassignments. The penalty applies to one salary. The cooperation continues unless the Writer violates some other major rules punishable by account termination. The penalty will be imposed every time the account is sold.

7. Confidentiality

Cooperation between the Company and the Writer means that the latter will have access to different trade secrets, inventions, policies, materials, and other data that belong to and are licensed by the Company and are pertinent to the Company's business operations. The list of such data includes the manner of preparing products, business methods, customer lists, procedures and accounts. The Writer, therefore, agrees not to share the information described above directly or indirectly, or use this information for own purposes, both during the term of this Agreement and after its termination, with the exception of the cases when the Company requires it. All materials, either created by the Writer or provided for him/her, remain the property of the Company. This includes files, documents, guides, requirements, letters, e-mails, notes, media resources, and similar items that are related to the business activities of the Company. The Writer cannot keep the aforementioned documents without the Company's written permission. The Writer is obliged to immediately return such possessions to the Company upon the termination or expiration of the Agreement or at the Company's request. The Writer agrees to not disclose his/her position of an independent contractor to the third parties without the Company's written consent. The Writer acknowledges that he/she will maintain the confidentiality of the cooperation with the Company and the services the company provides.

8. Copyright

The Company remains the sole proprietor of all Writer's developments and innovations related to the duties under the Agreement during this cooperation. The Writer assigns the right and interest in them to the Company. Any and all developments made by the Writer prior to the commencement of the term of this Agreement and used to perform his/her duties to the company are licensed to the Company for utilization in its services for unlimited time. This license can be assigned by the Company for a wholly-owned subsidiary without the Writer's written consent.

9. Changes to this Agreement

Any changes, amendments, or modifications of this Agreement made without the written agreement of the parties hereto are considered invalid.