Our Policies

Dear Writer,


Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy the experience of working with Writorial.com! In order to ensure that everybody is on the same page and producing the best quality work, we have established a set of clear guidelines that we ask our writers to adhere. Please take note of our basic rules below. At the same time, please take some time to familiarize yourself with our work guidelines as outlined in the Writer's guide that you can find in the system once you login as an approved member of our writing team.




  • 12 point Times New Roman font (unless otherwise specified by the Customer of the particular order);

  • All texts should be double-spaced (or single-spaced) depending on the Customer's instructions.

  • Double-spaced pages should contain a minimum of 300 words double-spaced (or 600 words single-spaced) unless otherwise instructed by the Customer;

  • If using APA style, a title page is always required. In MLA style, it isn't required unless otherwise specified by the Customer;

  • Be prepared to write an outline if the Customer requests one;

  • the text should be aligned to the left (no justification);

  • Margins should be one-inch (2.54cm) margins on all around (left, right, top, bottom);

  • Sources (bibliography/references/works cited) should be listed on a separate page;

  • The file type should be Microsoft Word (.doc);

  • Paper should strictly follow the citation style (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago) as specified by the Customer;

  • The file name must contain the order number and topic (i.e. 81539530_American History.doc)




  • The Customer's instructions should be followed at all times with no exceptions. Make sure the order addresses all of the points as detailed in the order description.

  • All orders must be completed by specified deadline. Only in absolute emergency situations can we ask the Customer to extend the deadline, but never assume that they will. To avoid potential lateness problems, always use good time management.

  • Every order should be written according to the accepted academic writing standards, which means slang terms and other informal writing should be avoided unless otherwise specified by the Customer.

  • Never COPY & PASTE text. Keep direct quotes to a minimum and paraphrase as much as possible. Properly cite all sources. Keep in mind that Customers can potentially face expulsion if they turn in plagiarized work and will almost certainly demand refunds. As a result, the company has a zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism and writers who are caught doing so will not get paid for that order. We use plagiarism detection software, so think twice before cutting corners.

  • Customers who submit papers with the wrong citation style (or none at all) are often penalized by their professors/instructors. Make sure to strictly follow the style (MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, Harvard, etc.) as specified by the Customer. Make sure to look through our Writer's guide or reliable online sources such as Purdue OWL




In order to take orders, sign in to our website using your personal login and password. Please only select orders that you know you can handle. Pay attention to the Customer's requirements before you accept the order. If a Customer selects you as a preferred writer, you will receive an email notification to that effect. When you complete an order, always upload it into the system. If for some reason there are issues that prevent you from uploading, such as technical glitches, please send the order to our Support Team.




The payment for each order is indicated in the order description. Keep in mind that if the quality of the paper is poor, the payment for the order will be adjusted accordingly. Most of our orders are checked by our editing team, so it would be to your benefit to proofread your papers and minimize mistakes to avoid payment penalties.


We send out payments once per month. Payments are typically calculated between the 15th and 18th of the month and dispersed within 7 days of this between the first and last days of the previous month.




If the writer produces work of poor quality, particularly papers that fail to follow the Customer's precise instructions, the Customer has the right to request a refund if all remedies for correction have been exhausted. In addition, if the paper is full of grammar mistakes and plagiarism (anything at 7% valid plagiarism or above). Please be aware that if the Customer complains and is granted a refund, the writer does not receive payment for this particular order and can face penalties including a downgraded account rating or even deactivation.


If the paper is poorly written or fails to follow the specified directions, Customers might choose to ask for revisions or, if the problem with the paper are serious enough, a complete rewrite. In such cases, writers are required to revise or rewrite papers for free, although they will still be paid for completing the order minus penalties for major mistakes/failure to follow directions.




We fully expect all orders to be completed on time. Any paper uploaded after the deadline has expired will automatically incur a 30% payment deduction. If for any reason you are unable to upload the order by the deadline, you must give us at least 2-hour notice along with an exact time for when it will be completed. Please use good time management and represent the company well by always demonstrating competence and professionalism.




The amount of payment our writers receive for each completed order is based on the following criteria:


  • Length of order based on the number of pages/words/questions;

  • Papers that have been uploaded by the deadline;

  • The academic level and/or complexity of the order

  • The writer's level and rating (which are determined by two factors: Customer evaluations and Company evaluations based on a set criteria);

  • Penalties based on issues such as plagiarism, late orders, and poor writing.





Penalties and payment reductions issued by the company are taken from the payments due to the writer. In order to discourage negative working habits, penalties and payment reductions are applied in the following circumstances:




All papers that are found to have been plagiarized based on our plagiarism detection engine will result in a payment penalty and a warning. Should a writer be in violation of the plagiarism policy a third time, their account will be suspended immediately. In certain egregious situations, we reserve the right to permanently ban a writer from working for our company. Note that an order is considered to be plagiarized if more than 7% of the content is flagged as plagiarized. We use the www.plagiarismsearch.com service in addition to other plagiarism detection tools.


Late Paper Delivery:


If a paper is uploaded after the deadline for delivery has expired, it automatically incurs a 30% deduction in the writer’s payment for that particular paper. Be aware that we offer our customers an on-time delivery guarantee, which means they rarely respond well (and in many cases request a refund) when the writer asks for a deadline extension. For this reason, deadline extensions are only possible in extremely rare circumstances.


Wrong Style:


Should an order be submitted using the wrong citation style/formatting/page layout/etc., the writer will be fined 10% of the their payment for that particular paper.


Quality of Writing:


The writer incurs separate penalties if the quality of the writing is poor or if the order fails to follow the customer’s instructions.


Withdrawing an Offer after Initially Accepting It


Before a writer accepts an offer to complete an order, it is important that they carefully read the instructions, details, and take note of the availability of materials required to complete it. Keep in mind that if a writer takes an order and then requests that it be reassigned, they assume liability if no other writer is found or if the deadline passes without a complete order.


If you have any questions regarding your work at writorial.com, feel free to reach us at info@writorial.com or through Live Chat on this website.