Please, look through this frequently asked questions section you may find the answer to the question you always wanted to ask!

Hiring Process

No. You never have to pay to apply for a job with us or to use our website.
Simply click "Apply Now" on any of our pages on the website and carefully fill out our application, completing all required fields. Also make sure to have your resume/CV and a writing sample available.
Your writing sample gives us a general idea about your writing abilities. It should be in MS Word.doc(x), at least 1 page long (300 words) double-spaced, and the topic should be clear. Ideally, we would like the paper to be cited according to a recognized academic formatting style (APA, MLA, Chicago), contain in-text citations, and a bibliography/work cited/reference list. If you have never written a paper in this way before, you can upload any sample of your writing, preferably something recent. You will likely be required to write a paper on a topic of our choice.
Please be aware that we receive hundreds of new applications every day from prospective candidates, but we try our best to contact the majority of them with 3 business days. It rarely takes more than 5 business days for our HR to contact new applicants.
Yes. Those who make the first cut will be contacted by HR in order to set up an interview by phone. So please provide us with a working phone number. Your application will be unsuccessful if we can't reach you over the phone.

Working Process

The vast majority of our customers are students, but we also have clients who need help with their work-related tasks. Your job could involve writing, editing, proofreading, doing homework problem sets, PowerPoint presentations, and a variety of other tasks.
No. As a freelancer, you are free to work as much or as little as you wish. It is entirely up to you to decide whether to treat this as a part-time or full-time job.
Yes, in fact a great deal of our orders are processed during weekends.
Yes. You will be required to read through and accept our Rules and Policies document while completing the first step of the registration form.
All you need is Word or Google Docs to complete the orders, a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat, and PowerPoint and Excel if you plan to take orders that involve presentations, charts, and calculations.
The majority of our clients are students, but we also help website owners, bloggers and business owners.
The deadlines vary depending on the needs of the customer, but they can range anywhere between a few hours to several months. The typical deadline is around 2 days.
No. We give priority to the top rated writers so best writers will be able to see some orders first. However, if you see the order in the available order list, it means you can take it.
For the majority of orders, the customer will ask you to cite them according to an acceptable academic citation style such as MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian and Harvard. We will provide you with tutorials and templates once you are hired. We also recommend looking through online guides such as Purdue OWL.
No. If the sources are from course textbooks and readings, the clients provide them. But if it requires additional outside research, you are required to do the research and find appropriate and credible sources.
If the revisions being requested are consistent with the initial order instructions (i.e., the paper failed to address certain issues as specified in the instructions) then you are obligated to fix the order. But if the revision request is outside the scope of the initial instructions, contact the support team and let them know (in most cases such revisions are not justified and you will either get compensation or the customer will discard the revision request).
Our company guarantees that the customer will receive a custom order that follows all of their instructions. If a paper fails to follow any of the instructions, it must be revised as many times as is necessary in fulfill the guarantee.
Yes. You can generally solve issues like this by contacting the customer through the messaging system on our website. In most cases, they will send you attachments or scan the necessary pages.
In accordance with our privacy policy, all communication between the writer and the customer must be performed via the message system on our website.
Our order list is updated by the minute, so check up on it frequently. A great deal of our orders come in during evening based on the American time zones. As with most businesses, we experience high and low seasons. Orders tend to be consistent in the autumn and spring, peaking during the final semester periods. Work is slowest during the winter holidays and mid-summer.
No. However, if your goal is to make as much money as possible, taking "night shifts" from time to time is a good option since a lot of our most urgent orders need to be completed overnight.
Certainly. Our support department is available 24/7/365 to answer your questions.
Once you upload a completed order to the customer, legal ownership gets transferred to our company. You are not permitted to share completed orders with third parties or post them online.
We provide you with a message system connected to your work account which allows you to contact both customers and the support team.
No. We never share any information about our writers. You are assigned a writer ID number that the customer can use if, for instance, they want to hire you again as a preferred writer.

Payment Questions

The top writers can make thousands of dollars a month. Salaries are determined by productivity and quality of the work, so the more orders you take, the more money you make.
Once a month
We disburse payments via PayPal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer.
Yes. Please read through our Rules and Policies on the first step of the application form for more details.
PayPal - we cover all the transaction fees. Wire Transfer - we cover the transaction fees for payments exceeding $500. Payoneer - there are no transaction fees (we do not cover the standard load fee).